How the system works
Healing and transforming relationships within the family system one generation at a time.

Your family empowerment journey starts here

At The Family Systems Hub (formerly Play Therapy Hub), we help families explore life on the other side of transformative healing. The emotional empowerment of little people underpins all that we do, but the value of restoring the whole family system and how that benefits little people is our key focus.

The hub shines a light on family systems, the interconnectedness of each generation, and how as the parent, your own self-discovery and healing is paramount to the fulfilment of your child.

We offer considered, integrated pathways designed by our team of specialists to facilitate deep perspective shifts, connection, and transformation for the whole family system. Through these pathways, with our tools, insights, and advocacy, your family can evolve together and move into your power while nurturing a fully supported channel toward your child’s emotional empowerment.


Unlock the therapeutic powers of play therapy for a stronger, more connected and harmonious family life with our intensive Filial Family Therapy group course for parents.

23 April 2025

This 3 month intensive growth oriented course is focused teaching the fundamentals of family constellation skills and techniques to apply in individual therapeutic consultations with adults and in other professional settings.

05 September - 05 December 2024

Explore the fundamentals of conducting effective Filial Family Therapy in this three day comprehensive workshop for Play Therapists.

25 - 27 October 2024

Explore the fundamentals of conducting effective Filial Therapy in this three day workshop.

26 – 28 April (SOLD OUT)
Positive Parenting - How to Enhance your communication with kids

Learn some basic play therapy principles and skills to begin working therapeutically with children aged 2-10 years old.

17 - 18 June


Child Play Therapist
Parent Coach & Psychotherapist
Child & Family Play Therapist
Client Pathways Coordinator
Child & Family Play Therapist
Family Constellator Facilitator & Parent Coach
Parent Coach
Parent Coach & Psychotherapist
Principal Child, Adult & Family Psychotherapist
Child & Family Play Therapist
Parent Astrologist
Family Constellator Facilitator
Child & Family Play Therapist

“When we see our childrens’ behaviours as part of a ‘system’ that directly involves us and our healing, that’s when the true work can begin”